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Escape Room The Game 2 player
Escape Room The Game 2 player

Escape Room The Game 2 player$24.95 AUD



Keep your cool in a race against the clock!Feel the tension of an Escape Room in your own living room! In this challenging 2-player version of the world famous Escape Room The Game, you and a teammate are going to solve puzzles and find hidden instructions.The game is going to be tense, as you only have 60 minutes to escape. In this game, you are either going to win together or lose together. Teamwork is the only key to success! If you have never played an Escape Room before, then prepare for a completely new experience.An hour will fly by before you know it…

Hint Decoder Hint book per adventure
Introduction game: Kidnapped
Adventure 1: Prison Island
Adventure 2: Asylum

Players: 2
Age: 16+
Time: 60 mins