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Set Dice Game
Set Dice Game

Set Dice Game$28.95 AUD

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Set Dice has three dice games in one box, and in all three games, the more sets you make, the higher your score. The three games in this collection are:

Cubed Set: Players score points Scrabble-style by creating sets with their dice and with dice already on the game board.

Scramble Set: Drop all 42 dice from the bag onto the table, then start calling out sets as soon as you see them. When no more sets remain, tally the number of sets for each player, then start another round. Whoever has the high score after five rounds wins.

Crossword Set: Each player takes ten dice, then rolls them at the same time to start play, with players trying to combine their dice into a crossword-style grid made of sets. Whoever uses all of her dice first wins.

Players: 1-6
Age: 8+