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Come and party with us! We have 2 party deals available both include up to 1.5 hours party room hire, an arcade game card, a drink, crisps and lollies. Bring a Birthday cake and your besties and get ready to party!  Bookings are essential.  Please read the package deal information and frequently asked questions below before booking.

sur-prize Party deal

Love collecting redemption points (tickets) to trade in for prizes? This package is for you! You'll get all the regular party bag and room hire inclusions plus an arcade game card pre-loaded with $24 of credit to be spent on all your favourite games. If you run out of credit more can be purchased at the recharge counter. 

Minimum of 5 people required. 

Gamer Time party deal

For serious gamers who just love to play! This deal has the regular party bag and room hire inclusions as well as an arcade game card that allows 1 hour of play time. Your 1 hour starts from your first played game.  Each child will receive 200 tickets to spend on prizes (400 for the birthday child). 

Minimum of 5 people required.

NOTE: Timed play does NOT award extra tickets during play. Claw and prize machines are not available in timed play packages.

Frequently asked questions 

Is there a minimum and maximum number of guests? 

Our party deal is suitable for groups of 5 to 16. The group must be accompanied by a supervising adult. You only pay for guests who receive a party bag, non-playing guests are very welcome to be part of your group. Larger groups are possible however keep in mind there is only seating at tables for 16. 

What's in the party bag? 

Each party bag contains: An arcade card, a small packet of crisps, lollies, and a drink.

How long can we use the party room for?

We include up to 1.5 hours room hire in the party deal. Some parties don't need the whole 1.5 hours so you can finish earlier if you wish. 

Can we decorate the room? 

Table decorations are allowed (NO decorations to be attached to walls or windows) 

Can we arrive earlier to decorate? 

If staff have finished the clean from the party before, it may be possible to arrive 10 minutes earlier to set up. However this is not always possible so please call beforehand to avoid having to wait. 

Can I bring a Birthday cake? 

Absolutely! You are very welcome to bring a Birthday cake just make sure you bring everything you need to serve it (plates, napkins etc.) Please note there is no refrigeration or freezer available for cake storage. 

Are they HOT chips in the party deal? 

No, they are a small packet of Smiths Crisps as we can't cook on the premises.

Can we buy extra drinks? 

Yes, we have a candy bar in-store where you can buy extra treats and drinks. 

Can we bring other food? 

Absolutely! If you are bringing other food we simply ask that all excess food and rubbish be cleaned and removed when you leave. 

Do I need to book? 

Yes, bookings are essential with final numbers due 48 hours prior. 

If the arcade game card runs out can we top it up? 

Absolutely! Top ups can be arranged with our staff at the recharge counter or via the self-serve kiosk. Timed cards can't be recharged but you can purchase a new game card at any time. 

What arcade games are not available in the Gamer Time deal? 

Any games that dispense prizes are not available for timed play (i.e claw machines, capsule machines, lolly machines, coin pushers)