APRIL 13 - Outlaws of Thunder Junction Pre-Release

APRIL 13 - Outlaws of Thunder Junction Pre-Release


10:00am Onwards


In Outlaws of Thunder Junction, you will join Oko's crew of deadly desperados as they plot a heist in the frontier world of Thunder Junction. You'll face harsh deserts, hostile critters, and even rival outlaws—but with grit and gumption, you'll ride off into the sunset.

Join us for a pre-release event and get your first look at Outlaws of Thunder Junction!

COST: $59.95 (Bookings not essential however spots are limited) 

TIME: 10:00am Onwards 

VENUE: Play Back Gympie - Level 2 Game Room (best parking is in the multi-story carpark of Glandore Lane) 

Don't feel like joining in on the main event? That's okay, during this time our game room has tables spare for you to bring a friend play any other format of Magic you like for FREE! (Pending space availability)