APRIL 26 - Friday Night Magic Pioneer Event

APRIL 26 - Friday Night Magic Pioneer Event




Welcome to Friday Night Magic! 

This week's event: PIONEER EVENT 

Bring your own 60 card Pioneer deck. General knowledge of how to play is necessary for this event. We kick off no later than 5:30pm and have up to 4 rounds of 50 minutes.  Our game room store has products and accessories for purchase as well as a mini snack bar.  Hope to see you there! 

Check out this link for more info on the Pioneer format   MTG Pioneer Format | Magic: The Gathering (wizards.com)

COST: $20.00 (Bookings not essential) 

TIME: 5:30pm - 8:30pm 

VENUE: Play Back Gympie - Level 2 Game Room (best parking is in the multi-story carpark of Glandore Lane) 

Don't feel like joining in on the main event? That's okay, during this time our game room has tables spare for you to bring a friend play any other format of Magic you like for FREE!